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Peppermint Cappuccino

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Hey Beauties! 

If you are a coffee lover just as I am, than your going to love this peppermint cappuccino. Now, one trick that I am sure many people know about is transforming your regular latte, cappuccinos or mocha's into a delicious peppermint drink by just adding a candy cane. First, I use half almond milk and half of 2%  milk and heat it up on the stove. Two, I add either concentrated espresso or if I am  in a rush, a spoon of Nescafe.   Three, I do not add any sugar I actually add either Caramel syrup or a flavored creamer and when the drink is hot, I pour it into a milk frother. Four, I add add a candy cane and stir it than the drink it ready. I promise this drink will not disappoint because it is easy and tastes really good. I am obsessed!!

Thanks for reading! 
xo The Dotted Bow Sisters

NARS Digital World Lip Pencil Coffert Review

Hello Ladies! 
I can honestly say that the holiday sets released this year were on point! NARS came out with one of the best sets, the first set that was a bang for the buck is the virtual domination cheek palette and I think that palette is just a stunner therefore I am going to leave a review for that set in a different blog post.
This set shown above is the called digital world lip pencil coffert and at first I was skeptical about the sizes (I feel like they were depicted bigger) since I bought it online from Sephora during the VIB sale but when I tried on the colors, one word WOW. There are two different types of formulas. There are two 0.06 ounces lip pencils in velvet matte, the colors are Passionate(red, last one to the left) and New Iberico(coral, forth one to the left).  The last three are all 0.06 ounces satin lip pencils. The Yu is a bright pink and is the first one to the left, it is a stunner and honestly I think that color is going to be prefect for spring when I want a pop of color for the season. Torres Del Paine (second to the left) is a peachy coral color that is a perfect everyday color if you want something other than nude or pink on the lips. The last lip pencil is Decanso (third to the left), it is hands down going to be my everyday color. I absolutely love this color because when I go to work or classes I don't want to always wear bright colors therefore this color is the perfect shade of nude for me. I know for a fact when that color runs out I am going to go straight to Sephora and repurchase it right away. Also since I was able to get 20 dollars off this item during the VIB sale I could say that I really did got my money's worth out of it. I thought people were just jumping on the hype bandwagon with the NARS lip pencils but after trying them out, they are just amazing!

PS: One NARS lip pencil costs around 25 dollars and this set costs 49 dollars on Sephora therefore if you want to try 5 different colors instead of committing 25 dollars to one color I would definitely buy this before it gets sold out!

Thanks for reading! 

xo A 

No Fuss Lip gloss

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Hello Ladies! 
I am really excited to share with you guys a pretty awesome lip product. Two days ago, I received my first Walmart $5 winter beauty box. It had three products: lip gloss, moisturizer, face wipes and two sample packets of shampoo and conditioner. I was not to impressed with the box, however, it was only $5 and I should not have had high expectations. I am not a lip gloss gal and did not think much of cover girl product until I tried it. I immediately  noticed that it did not act like your traditional lip gloss. The name is coral and the color is pink/coral/with gold shimmer that is undetectable when applied to the lips. This lip gloss is very moisturizing, not sticky, natural looking and the formula is outstanding. This product has made its place in my everyday purse. Also,  the other day I found this lip gloss for $8.00 at the Ulta store. Instantly, I was very happy with may Walmart beauty box because I only paid $5 for it.

Cover Girl Colorlicious Lip Gloss

Thanks for reading! 

xo A 

Almond Date Smoothie

Friday, September 5, 2014

After a good workout and if I got time, I will make this almond smoothie. It is rich, creamy, tasty, easy to make and above all really good for you!!


1. 4 dates

2. 1 frozen banana
3. 1/2 cup of vanilla almond milk or rice milk, coconut milk, or even regular milk
4. 1/2 cup of coconut water
5. 12 pieces roasted almonds
6. Cinnamon
7. Spoon of chia seeds
8. ice

Blend, Blend, and Blend in any type of Blender!!!


xo A

August Favorites

Hello lovlies its been awhile!

August was a good skincare month. I finished some skin care products and purchased some new ones so keep your eye out for an Ulta haul post. My top ones that really deserve a shout out are

Origins Overnight Drink up Mask: Oh gosh, this mask is phenomenal don't know why it took so long to purchase it. I heard a lot about how great and effective this product performs and I totally agree, You see results immediately after one use. I keep it over night and I wake up to hydrated(not greasy) and glowy looking skin. This product is great for all skin types because i feel that it balances your skin hydration. IT IS PERFECT. It retails for $25 and is worth every penny and I am already thinking about repurchasing it. Also, sometimes I use this as a night cream and apply a light layer because it absorbs nicely into the skin. Lastly, Hyaluronic acid is the special ingredient in this mask that plumps and helps with hydrating your skin. Go get it I promise you wont be disappointed.

Set Detoxifying toner: I got this from Target because it was on sale from $25.00 to $9. I was very surprised by this product by how great it works.First, it does not have many of the chemical ingredients that a lot of other toners have. Two, this toner is very hydrating and does a great job at balancing the ph level of your skin right after cleansing and using a facial scrub. So far so good I am really liking this product and have used it religiously in August.

Clean and Clear 10% benzoyl peroxide gel: This product way my skin savior in August. My skin was not behaving in August benzoyl peroxide works great with my skin. This gel has been taming my acne and because it is very drying on the skin, I use the origins drink up mask right after to balance the moisture level of my skin.

Rimmel 60 second polish: I love all the rimmel 60 second polish because they are opaque and dries in 60 seconds. I am obsessed with the mint color!

Lorac Baked Blush in Velvet Rope (satin finish): I purchased this blush five months ago and barely used it because i though it was to shimmery. But holy molly I was wrong!!!! This blush is gorgeous and I have no idea why I thought it was not great. Whats funny is that it is not even that shimmery. Because it is baked it gives a beautiful sheen to the cheeks.

L'Oreal Silky BB cream SPF 50+: It is sheer, tinted, with SPF50+, blends easily, lightweight and does not clog pores. My one con is that it is very very watery and makes a mess sometime if your not careful. However,  it gives a very lightweight feel which I love so I can live with how watery it is.

Thanks for reading!

xo A

E.L.F Studio Line: Golden Bronzer Powder

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hey lovelies, I am not sure if you read my last post that covers all about my obsession over the E.L.F studio line brushes. If you haven't read it, go check it out because it is the first post of many on my loves and dislikes from E.L.F studio line products. This brand is affordable and I have neglected this brand far to long and I am happy that I gave them a try.

I love bronzer. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter doesn't matter what the season is you will find me reaching for a bronzer all year round. I even prefer a bronzer over blush. Your either a huge blush or bronzer fan. I haven't met someone who doesn't like one better than the other.However, I prefer matte bronzers and at times, I will opt for a bronzer with a bit of shimmer that is not detectable on the skin and just gives a beautiful glow to the face. Unfortunately, this was not the case for this Golden Bronzer powder from the E.L.F studio line. It is very shimmery and it is very similar to one of Bobbie Brown's shimmer brick palette. Also, I came across a blogger and a YouTuber that did a swatch side by side of one of Dior's shimmer palettes and it is a very close dupe. I will be honest I rarely use this as a bronzer. I feel that the shimmer is to much and is very evident when applied to the cheek. Therefore, I actually use it as an eye shadows and highlighter. It blends beautiful on the eye lids and gives a shimmery wash of color and enhances your eye look when applied in the center of the eye lid as well. I apply it in the center and than apply a soft matte brown to the crease and it completes the look. Also, I use in the inner corner as a highlighter, under the brown bone and upper lip. I purchased this for $3 at target and I am very happy with this purchase.  Great pigmentation from this product and you can swirl your brush to mix the four colors or just use each color separately.

For the price, I do not have any cons because I use this product as a highlighter and eye shadow and I love it for that. Bronzer, not so much. But that is what's so great about products like this they have multiple uses.

Thanks for reading.

xo A

Affordable Makeup Brushes: E.L.F

Now, when it comes to makeup brushes I am a bigger believer that you do not need to have the most expensive brushes to get a beautiful makeup application. Surprisingly, the drugstore and other brands such as crown and coastal scents has gave MAC, Sigma, and department store brushes a run for their money. This post will be the first of many posts on affordable brushes.

E.L.F (Eyes Lips Face) is probably the most affordable makeup line at the drugstore. They have the dollar makeup line and the studio line where everything is priced $3-5.00. I must admit, the dollar line has a great eye shadow primer and the studio line has great blushes, highlighters, bronzers, and brushes. The studio brushes are much better than the elf one dollar line brushes. All the studio line brushes are $3.00 and I am  really impressed by them. Lets talk packaging. I think it is important to keep in mind that the three dollars your paying for is not for the brush handles or packaging, but rather for the quality of the bristles. The brushes are very soft, does not shed, washes well, and blends liquid and powder products on the face and eye wonderfully.

My favorite two brushes from the studio line are the small stippling brush, which I heard countless bloggers mention that it is very similar to the MAC one. Also, the complexion brush is amazing. I found myself always reaching for that brush to apply any powder products. It is the perfect size, very soft and feels like a quality brush. I am beyond happy with the E.L.F studio line brushes and have not come across a brush from this line that is not outstanding. I highly recommend everyone to buy them because they are affordable and great.

Also, in the picture above you will notice that the eye shadow brush in the far left is from their dollar line. I wanted to show the difference in appearance from the dollar line and the studio line, which is all black and gives off a very sleek and sophisticated look.

Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for the next post that will feature another E.L.F product from their studio line. If you can't tell, I have been experimenting with some great jewels from E.L.F. Really impressed.

xo A 

July Favorites

Monday, August 4, 2014

It's July favorites and who doesn't like talking about their favorites?!

 July was a decent month. I graduated college (woot woot) and I have some star products that made an appearance in July that are worth a mention. Lets begin....

Bigelow Green Tea:
I used to be a big green tea drinker. Like Huge,  used to be totally obsessed with it! For some reason, I randomly stopped and went into my toxic coffee drinking habit. True, it could be because I was swamped with exams and that equals to late nights and that results into a whole lot of coffee consumption. Strange pattern, but seriously coffee always makes an appearance during exams.  Last few weeks of July, I decided to go on a healthy kick, start getting back into my running routine, and maintaining a balanced super health and 70% raw diet. I am happy to say, I have officially jumped back into the green tea wagon and I'm even more obsessed. If you don't know already, green tea is very high in antioxidants and that simply means good for your health, skin, and hair. Studies have found that at least two cups of green tea everyday will prolong your life. Live longer, who doesn't want to jump on that wagon?!

Jane Cosmetics Concealer:
This concealer really reminds me of the MAC pro long wear concealer that I have but a thinner consistency. This concealer is great under the eye because it doesn't cake-up, it's hydrating and has great coverage under the eye. I have the concealer in medium and it's slightly darker than I would usually get for the under eye but nonetheless, great affordable concealer.

Wet in Wild: Walking on egg shells eye shadow trio
Love this trio. Affordable, like $3 affordable!! It is crazy how inexpensive and great this products is. Great pigmentation, not chalky, neutral colors for everyday wear and bendable. Overall, everyone should have this product in their collection. It performs, which a lot of other shadows ten times its price fails to do.

Revlon Brilliant Strength Nail polish:
I am a big fan of Revlon polishes. They work for me and the brilliant strength line is no exception to that. It is opaque, dries within a reasonable time and long wearing. I particularly love this bright neon coral color it is a shade that will make your hands and feet look twenty times tanner than they really look.

Nivea a kiss of berry swirl lip care:
It smells like a berry cream Popsicle and that was enough to get me to love it.

Smash Box waterproof brow gel:
AH-MAZING brow product. First time using a gel brow product and I have converted. I am so impressed and pleased with the finish and longevity of this gel. I have the color dark brown and some time this week I will have a post talking about my brow routine.

Vince Camuto Body Lotion:
It smells like the perfume so I would naturally be hooked on the lotion as well. I smell really sophisticated and fancy when apply this.

Ole Henricksen Eye Gel:
This eye gel is not a wonder product. It is just a simple eye gel that has a metal applicator which helps with de-puffing and cools the eye area. I enjoy using this in the morning because it wakes my under eyes.

Oscar de la renta Sunglasses:
Got thes from Marshallas for only$10!  I am so glad I was patient and didn't splurge on sun glasses. These glasses are flattering and durable.

These are all my favorites of July that deserve a mention on the blog.

 Thanks for reading Ladies

xo A 

Current M.A.C Favorites

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Hey Yall, thought I'd share some of my current MAC loves.

I thought i'd begin my mentioning that I am not MAC obsessed like many others out there. It is true that MAC has one of the best blushes, highlighters, and eye shadows. However, when it comes to face bases its a hit or miss with everyone. To be honest, I was always afraid to try any of their face bases like skin care or foundations because many break out as soon as they use them. After hearing mention the Studio Fix Fluid foundation to have good coverage and hasn't broken her out, I decided to pick it up in the shade NC35 . Also, it's not that expensive when I think of all the other foundations a bought with a $50 price tag.

 First, I am I yellow undertone gal and that was the first thing that got me excited  about this product they have great yellow undertones to their foundations. True, a little too yellow but not all of them. Unfortunately, my excitement lasted for only a day and like all the other foundation bottles I have, I stored it in my makeup drawer. What?!!! Number one tip, if your a makeup junkie you NEVER EVER store new products in a makeup drawer. You should always place them in plain site to remind you that "hey you need to start using NOW".  That is why 3 weeks ago,  I gave myself a pep talk( don't judge, we all have those). The pep take consisted of you know, use more of your products and clam down on the extravagant makeup purchases blah blah you know those talks. Therefore, I wont be buying any foundations until I finish all the ones I have and its been working. I am in love with this foundation. Its similar to my beloved NARS sheer glow foundation with less dewyness and more coverage. To sum up the foundation: Color, perfect. Coverage, perfect. Skin, perfect. I haven't broken out at all. Longevity, um....Perfect. I am really happy with this product.

Next, MAC Pro Longwear concealer. This concealer is perfect for under the eye. Its long wearing and doesn't crease which many concealers have that flaw. Over all, this concealer is worth it.

Lastly, MAC Blot powder/pressed. This product should live in everyone's on the go makeup bag. You will thank me. It does what it says. It blots the heck out of your face when it gets from dewy to greasy looking. The best thing, it does not  interfere with your makeup.This product gets a 10 out of 10.

Thanks for reading. Let me know any MAC products that your currently loving.

xo A 

An eye shadow that gives a whole lot of bang for your buck...

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Hello lovelies, its review time and I am most excited with this one.

 I am sure many of you have read raves reviews on the L'Oreal infallible eye shadows and for good reason. These have to be the best shadows I have bought that truly gives a whole lot of bang for my buck. They retail for $7-9 depending on where you buy it. I suggest checking Ulta and purchasing it when they have their buy one get one 50% off deals. Also, using the $3.50 off $10 coupon if you want to purchase more than one and the coupon is on their online site.

The eye shadows come in 18 shades from your everyday neutral colors to some bright in your face colors. I purchased 3 different shades Taupe: The middle swatch on my arm, Bottomless Java: The right swatch, and Smoldering Plum: left swatch . The Taupe shadow is my most used. It is a beautiful everyday all over shade that blends like a dream. This was the first shade that I bought after hearing Lilly pebbles and Viviananadoesmakeup rave about this shade and now I understand why. I don't like applying eyeliner or a wing eyeliner anymore. I found that applying this all over my eye lids give me the perfect smoky definition to my eye that isn't to much for everyday wear. I don't love the shadow just because of the color but rather the quality is the ultimate reason. The formulation lies between a cream and the ease of application of a powder, therefore, the eye shadow melts to the eye lid on application.I bought this for about $5 on sale and it beats any high end shadow that I have. It is long wearing, color payoff is out of this world, no fall out, blends seamlessly, the shimmer is finely milled, and it looks and feels like an expensive shadow.  I do not even have to apply a primer and it will last for over 6 hours. Some of the claims of the shadows are that it  lasts for up to 24hrs, its  sweat proof, waterproof, crease resistant wear with velvet-soft texture that blends easily, providing luminous color with a smooth, even finish. I do not know of it lasts for up 24hrs because I cant imagine anyone keeping eye shadow for that long. However, the longevity of the shadows are impressive. 

These shadows get a 10 out of 10 because for the price and quality, nothing can beat it. 

Ulta Coupon

Thanks for reading 
xo A 

IPSY July Subscription Bag

Saturday, July 19, 2014

So I finally got my Ipsy bag and its safe to say I wasn't as happy to be getting it as I usually am. Unfortunately for me I just cant stand to wait to find out what is my bag just like every other person so I decided to look at a couple of sneak peaks and I was quite excited for this bag. But when I checked my glam room I was disappointed with what I got. First of all I was not that happy with the bag we got after last months bag designed by Rebecca Minkoff I had high hopes for this month's bag but when I got the package there was a strong unpleasant cheap smell coming from the bag and it was a bright neon pink square bag that looked like a "ravioli"!

1.  The first product I got was a Lord & Berry pencil eyeliner. It was a strong black color and it glided smoothly but it smudged as soon as I touched it. I have never tried the brand and it was a sample size so I think Im just going to give this product away because I usually only wear waterproof eyeliner and I don't think this will fare well with me.

2. The second product was a models own nail polish and at first I was excited for this nail polish because I heard great things about it but I was never able to try it because it is a brtish brand and they don't sell it here in the US. But the color was red translucent and glittery but the glitter was very large specs that didn't transfer well. So I was quite disappointed with this product. (Full size product)

3. The next product was in a plastic bag that was made by Clear Clinic Laboratories and is called vanished clear spot treatment. The applicator is spongy and the smell is pungent and smells of chemicals. The product description does remind of the origins super spot remover that I do own and use once in awhile when my face begins to breakout. I don't think Im going to use this product because my face is quite sensitive and I don't feel like trying any new products because I am at the moment using Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta treatments and I don't want to ruin that treatment by testing out other skincare products. (Sample size)

4. Ahh the next product was another sunscreen product by hang ten. This is a dark tanning oil with SPF 08 which is quite low. I don't think I want to use it because I tried their sunscreen last month and I was not impressed with the finish, it left a greasy oily layer and I was just disappointed because I had high hopes for that sunscreen. (Sample size)

5. The last product was supposed to be my favorite and I guess it still is but I was just hoping to get the duo powder eye shadow and instead I got the 5 in 1 BB advanced performance cream eyeshadow and Im not gonna lie I did like the product itself and when I tried it on I was surprised with the finish it was quite long lasting on my hand so Im quite excited to try the product on for a day just to test out the staying power.

*Bag was purchased with my own money

Review: Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel

I am really excited to be sharing this review. I have waited enough to make sure of the results of this product and I am ready to begin.

 First, I have oily acne prone skin and I never suffered with extreme out of control acne. However, the last couple of months due to stress, my skin freaked out and I was introduced to cystic acne (wonderful). I would get one or two cystic acne and as soon as I would get rid of them,  I would have another one come out. It became a never ending rotation. When one is healed an another one comes out. I tried everything out in the market changed my diet, stripped down my skincare routine to the just the basics, and tried countless acne medications. Nothing showed improvement in my overall skin. One day, I was just researching about peels and reading reviews and that day I went to Sephora. I  picked up a first aid beauty  cream and as I was about to pay I saw the travel size Dr. Dennis Gross alpha beta peel. I remember reading about the good effects of peels and decided to pick it up. There are two types the extra strength and the daily formula with five treatments in it . Of course, I picked up the extra strength one. I never heard of this specific product and brand but heard a lot about face peels. Therefore, soon as I got back home I did my homework to get a background on what this product does and the results, if any.

First of all, reviews on makeup by alley, Nordstrom, sephoara, Carolina hierons, and youtubevideos raved about how great this product is. I will say this product is expensive. The thirty day treatment costs $90 with tax. so its an investment. The five day treatment that I purchased was $15.00. I used the first treatment at night and immediately the following morning noticed that my cystic acne was significantly smaller. After five treatments,my acne was GONE. Let me tell you I was baffled by the immediate results, therefore, I purchased another five treatments to make sure that my skin was improving due to this product and not something else. Used the next five treatments and than I found myself at sephora and with no hesitation I purchased the 30 day $90 treatment. Now, my skin in less than three weeks is at its very best.The peels are keeping my acne at bay and helping with my acne scars.I still get normal acne once in awhile but I just rely on using the peel that night and expect that the next morning my acne is going to barely be there.

1. Only use this at night. This is a peel, therefore, your skin will react to exposure to the sun if worn during the day and if you don't use at least an SPF50. Stay on the safe side and only use at night.
2. Apply it also on your neck.
3.If you have sensitive skin, this might be to harsh for your skin
4. I am not a skin care specialist and this is my review on a product that worked for me
5. Simplify your skin care while using this. Cleanse, use the peel, simple serum that doesn't claim it does everything, and night cream. That is it.
6. Be patient with the product. I promise that you should see results because I am not the only one raving about this product.
7.Do your homework. It is always important to know the active ingredients in products, such as a peels. Know what to expect and and listen to your skin.

Thanks for reading.
xo A

New Favorite palette goes to....

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I never thought the day would come when I converted into a Smash box fan. Don't worry, Urban Decay still makes the best eye shadows, however, I think its time to give other brands a chance. Few weeks ago, I was at Nordstrom Rack as usual because their makeup section is golden and of course, if you don't go to Nordstrom rack often than you wont know all the great makeup deals. They have a lot of deals on special edition high end palettes and products. That day, I stumbled upon this Smashbox eye shadow palette. The palette retails for $40 and it was on offer for $20 so I was getting a pretty good deal on it. I tested out the shadows and they were highly pigmented, smooth and beautiful neutral shades. Bought the palette expecting myself to use it once in awhile. However, that was not the case. Since I bought it, haven't used any other palette. Surprisingly, the shadows are not chalky and are long wearing. I use the urban decay eye shadow primer under it but on days were I forget to, the shadows wore really well no their own. I apply the shadows with a big fluffy eye shadow brush and I sweep it all over my lids. I have been using the bronze color in the in the top left the most. I love that  some of the shadows are glittery but not sparkly. The glitter is very finely milled and looks beautiful on the lids. Smashbox has impressed me and I will check out more of their products and actually I just recently picked up a waterproof brow definer from them and yup, I am loving it......wait ago Smashbox I am fan.

Thanks for reading.

xo A

This weeks Picks...

A couple of products that will be making more of an appearance this week are Chanel Vitaumiere aqua foundation, L'Oreal telescopic shocking extension waterproof mascara and Sinful Colors nail polish in 1169 Sugar Rush.

L'Oreal Mascara: First and for most, I want to address the importance of this product. The L'Oreal telescopic shocking extension waterproof mascara is phenomenal. This might not be everyone's cup of coffee, but then again if you are not into long lashes that hold a curl and make your lases 100 times better than they really are, then yup, this is not for you.  I don't branch out and for good reason. If you have read some past posts than you would know my healthy obsession over this mascara. Actually, just to show you guys how much I love and recommend this product I am going to interest a photo of my backups of this mascara.....

No, I am not crazy and just to justify these backups. Ulta two weeks ago had a 40% off all L'Oreal products and  I already had one backup but decided to pick up two more on a really good deal.

Chanel Aqua Viatlumiere: Ah, I really want to love this product. However, for some reason I sometimes love it and other times, I hate it. The color matches me but on my really bad skin days, I stay away from this foundation. It has really good coverage, surprisingly. Its very lightweight because it is water based, it has buildable coverage, smells great, and I love the packaging. I m going to continue trying it out this week and see how I feel about it by the end of the week. My color is B30

Sinful Colors: This is my first sinful colors nail polish. I picked it up from Biglots for $1.50 a bargain alright, and I couldn't be more happy with this purchase. I have been looking for a baby blue nail polish for a while and I found it. This nail polish is long wearing on its own and I apply two-three coats for an opaque finish. The brush is small and not the best, but hey, I'll let that slide because the polish is overall great. I am going continue to wear this polish this week because I am loving it.

Thanks for reading!
xo A

Weekend Pamper...

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Weekend Pamper, Always! I am a big fan of masks. I have tried everything from professional facials, to the very popular and hyped glam glow masks, to your budget friendly drugstore masks, and to your at home natural facials. I think weather you have flawless skin or troubled skin, applying a mask once a week is highly important for a couple of reasons.

Masks help deep cleanse the skin beyond what your traditional daily cleanser can do. It cleanses the skin by removing toxins caused by pollution, grease and dirt found in your everyday environment. Now, if your like me and you have oil/acne prone skin than facials are and should always be your best friend. Facials help to reduce an overabundance of sebum, which is a natural substance that moisturizes and lubricates the skin. However, an overproduction of sebum can cause skin problems, including blackheads and acne.

1. My favorite mask to take care of  pores, acne and tame my oily skin is Origins Clear Improvement  Active Charcoal Mask. This mask is thick in consistency and after just 20 min. you will notice the mask doing its job. The mask helps to deep clean the pores and if you have acne that hasn't come to the surface yet, the active charcoal helps bring it to the surface and shrinks it.

2.A more budget friendly option that I have been enjoying is Formula 10.06 Deep down detox Ultra cleansing mask. This mask does the basic it deep cleans the pores, tightens and  firms the skin, and it helps with the overall texture of the skin.

3.The last and final mask that I recently picked up and have been obsessing over is Freeman Facial Polishing Mask: Charcoal and Black Sugar. Also, I guess I am not the only one swooning over this product since it won a 2013 Allure Best in Beauty Award. You can use this product as a mask or as a scrub. When I first tried this product, I applied it as a mask and although the texture is grainy and thick, it applied nicely all over the face. The smell is INCREDIBLE so if your not a big scent person than you might not enjoy this product because it is heavily scented. The second time I used it as a scrub and I was even more impressed it. I actually prefer using it as a scrub. As a scrub it isn't to harsh and helps to exfoliate the skin and brighten it. What makes this scrub unique was the more you scrub the product onto the skin it melts because of the sugar. Honestly, it is the best scrub that I have used hands down from both the drugstore and high-end. I will note that if you have sensitive skin this product is not for you because the sugar is not fine it is grainy and can be harsh on sensitive skins.

Thanks for reading!

xo A

Book of the month.....

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I am a huge book worm. I know a lot of people out that are jumping on the audio book wagon. For me, there is just something about the experience of reading a good book the traditional hardcopy way that audio books cannot do. Quick background on my overall reading interests is that I don't branch out too far when it comes to book choices. I am really loving the dystopian/ post-apocalyptic novels such as hunger games, divergent, legend, switched, matched etc..... Sometimes I will pick up a random book but I don't stray too far. I only have one all time favorite author and it's Michael Connelly. I don't like all his books. However, I have read countless books by him. His Mickey Haller series that follows a defense attorney living in Los Angeles, California is what made me fall in love with the series and the author. The most widely known book by him is the Lincoln lawyer which became a huge motion picture and starred Mathew McConaughey.

My first book of the month is the Kill Order.... The Kill Order (Maze Runner, Prequel) (The Maze Runner Series)

The maze runner is a trilogy similar to the hunger games. It's a  young adult post-apocalyptic science fiction trilogy by James Dashner. Also, it is being made into a major motion picture that is really exciting.  The storyline of the trilogy is exciting, mysterious and ultimately, it makes you think ALOT. After the three books had been released, James Dashner published the prequel to the trilogy called the Kill Order. So pretty much the prequel explains all your unanswered questions and confusion and helps the reader understand what happened to earth before everyone was infected with the disease that makes them inhumane and barbaric. This disease that spread like wildfire is called sun flares. The prequel does a fantastic job in explaining how it happened and what led to the reason why a group of teens was chosen for a study to find a blueprint that might lead to a cure. I hope I am making sense but what I am trying to articulate is that these books are worth the read and the prequel is the cherry on top. I am only half way through but I am loving the storyline and thought Id share my book of the month with you guys.

Let me know your thoughts on these books whether you read them, heard of them, or thinking about picking them up.

Thanks for reading
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Disappointing product: Makeup Forever Mat Velvet + Foundation

Saturday, June 14, 2014

 Okay, so I thought it was time that I do a foundation review. Before I begin, I just want to say that I don't hate this product nor love it. I have oily skin so after hearing countless raves about this foundation, I thought it was time to pick it up. Soon as I purchased it, let me tell you I could not wait to love it just like everyone. Me being me, soon as I got home, I opened the product and applied it with my real techniques expert face brush evenly all over my face.

First thoughts: Not bad, looks pretty good, matte, covers really well, nice color and overall I was pretty pleased with the overall finish.

Second try: Huh, the color looks kind of off but I was still content with it.

Third and fourth try: Color is off, my face looks caked, some dry patch's on my face, and I just wasn't reaching for it everyday. Honestly, I started to dread using it because I didn't like the finish it gave.

I'm going to simply say that there are better foundations out there for oily/combo skin. For the price, I didn't feel like it enhanced my face at all. My face looked caked and flat. Every time I would look in the mirror, I wasn't happy with the way it looked. I know many people who love this foundation and I agree,  its not bad. But when it comes to high end foundation, I have to compare and I have better foundations that give me a flawless, natural finish with good coverage, and great lasting power for just the same price. Nars sheer glow foundation is INCREDIBLE. I am so impressed by that foundation and the color selection its great. Sometime this week, I will post a review on that because I just finished my bottle and I will be repurchasing it.

Final thoughts: It wasn't a bad foundation it is just not an incredible one for the price. The Revlon color stay foundation  from the drugstore is kind of better. Below are two pictures of a pea size amount of the foundation on the back of my hand that shows the color(medium), consistency of it,  and how it looks when blended. 

Thanks for reading and I hope this review helped. Also, please let me know in the comments below if you have tried this and your overall thoughts on it.

Thanks for reading! 
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Lets talk Lashes

Friday, June 13, 2014

Lashes, Lashes, and more Lashes. I am all about simple eye makeup and lots of lots of lashes. Although I don't have the longest and thickest lashes out there, I do  have average lashes. I have had people ask me "how do I get my lashes long" or "I thought you were wearing fake lashes" or "how do you get your lashes to hold a curl"....Well, time to let you in on how these four products keep my lashes at its very best. Lets begin....

Shu Uemura eye lash curler:

 Here is the link below... GO BUY IT! I promise that you will not regret it. I swear buy this eye lash curler. There is nothing like it in the market that I have tried. Been hearing a lot of chat around the beauty community that the Japonesque eye lash curler is better. It might be, however, I have tried this and it is the number one best  beauty tool in my collection so far

L'Oreal Waterproof Telescopic Mascara:
Now, all praise goes to Youtuber/blogger for talking about this. In every video  she always talked and used this mascara and it was hard not to jump on the wagon because her lashes were always Ah-Mazing. Also, she uses the Shu Umera in conjunction with the mascara to achieve her long lashes. So, I decided to pick it up and since then, I have gone through 4 tubes and any time I try a different mascara I realize how incredible this product is and I always have back ups. Its sad, but I will shed a tear if they discontinue this product because apparently they don't sell it in England any more(BOOO) heart goes out to you guys ( I know, I am dramatic).

Lumene Waterproof eye makeup remover:
This is where the magic happens. This eye makeup remover is hands down he BEST! Now, many people hate waterproof mascara and with good reason. Removing it is the hardest part and especially if it is a strong formulae. If your lashes can hold a curl without waterproof than this does not apply to you. But for us ladies that have stubborn straight lashes we need a mascara that will hold that curl and usually waterproof is a way to got. A regular mascara has wet formula and weighs down your lashes and that's why waterproof formulae are more drier than the regular and they wont weigh down your lashes. I have gone through ten bottles of this. You have to shake the product to mix the oil and it removes every bit of the mascara within 35 sec. and conditions them at the same time. I am sure this product is doing more good to my lashes than bad because it leaves my lashes stronger and I don't shed as many lashes as I used to. Currently I have 4 back ups and I get them at Ulta, however,  they are always out of stock so pick one up next time if you spot it in Ulta and let me know what you think of it.

Josie Maran 100% Argan Oil:

Finally, I apply this all over my lashes avoiding and this just conditions my lashes. Also,  use Vaseline at night and that helps with growth and strengthening your lashes.

There you have it ladies, four products that help keep my lashes at its very best! Please let me know in the comments below if you have any products that work wonders for your lashes or any tips and ticks on keeping lashes there very best all the time.

P.S If you cant tell already,  I am a lash fan  and I can talk about it all day lol

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Summer Polishes

For me, summer polishes are the only time I can get away with wearing bright neon in your face polishes. True, these polishes above are not too daring but for me these are just the perfect bright summery polishes that I can wear on any day with any outfit. They are easy to apply and long wearing polishes. First, is Essie polishes and my favorites are the  lavender, bright red with a hint of orange undertone, and the nudeish pink polishes. Next are Sally Hansen polishes:  mint sorbet and the teal color polishes are my favorite bright wearable colors to wear.

Let me know in the comments below of any suggestions of summer polishes that your loving. Ill be making a trip to Target this weekend to check out some of the new summer nail polish releases. .

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Face of the day

I rotate my makeup products weekly just because I want to make sure that  am using all the products I have. Also, sometimes you can forget that you have some great products in your makeup collection but you just forgot about them. However, days where I am running late like today, these are the products that are easy and quick to apply with no brushes needed. I don't like to complicate my makeup routine when I am in a rush and I am always in a rush. Like today, I had to get ready in less than ten minutes so my number one goal was to even out my skin and that's where the Dermablend smooth indulgence foundation in Wheat comes in. This foundation is medium coverage and is buildable, doesn't cake up, and leaves a matte finish. My favorite thing about this foundation is I get to skip the powder because it gives a natural matte finish and its  super lightweight.

Next, Benefit erase paste in medium. I am gong to be honest I neglected this product for a long time but for some reason I tried it one day and I fell in love. The pink/peachy undertones of the paste does a great job at cancelling my dark circles. Also, its hydrating which is something a lot of under eye concealer with great coverage doesn't give. However, this is really a paste, like a super thick but super hydrating and creamy paste and I love it.

 I than go straight to doing my eyebrows. The NYX eyebrow pencil is just simple to use. On an everyday basis I prefer to use a powder just because I feel like it gives more of a natural look. However, this pencil is quick and gives a natural finish. I just finish the brows with the Anastasia Beverly hills clear brow gel.   Next, I apply the Stila smudge crayon in kitten. Its your everyday champagne color that just instantly brightens yours eyes. I love that this product is a waterproof eye primer so its really pigmented and lasts all day. I finish the eye look with my all time holy grail L'Oreal telescopic waterproof mascara. Lastly, I apply a nudeish creamy pink Estee Lauder lipstick in Crystal crème 01 and that's it, I'm DONE! Yay, no brushes needed just a super simple everyday running late makeup look.

There you have it, my Friday summer face of the day. Thanks for reading ladies!

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May Favorites!!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

I am back... and what better way than to share some of my may faves! True, were two weeks into June  but hey, I am still using these products so I get a pass! Okay, its summer and the weather is beautiful but kinda eh as well. The "eh" refers to me living in the south, which equals to thunderstorms and humidity! For that, I have been  trying to use minimal makeup and skincare products but "try" is the key word here. Although my attempt is less than successful, I have some pretty golden products to share with you guys so lets begin.

1. Origins Clear improvement Active charcoal mask: This mask should be every ladies best friend. For those days where your skin isn't at its best and its feeling congested and lack luster, I whisk this out of my drawer and slap it all over my face or problem areas and ta-da good skin. This mask helps to clarify the skin and brings out all those icky stuff that's clogging up your pores. If you have been going back and forth on whether you want buy this mask, than you got my extra push in the direction of Sephora..... GO GET IT! Totally worth the price.

2.Boots Botanics Facial oil 100% Organic:

This is a great facial oil that's nourishing since it contains rosehip and rosehip has countless of benefits that's great for your skin. I use this oil as a night treatment once a week since its rich and it gives my skin extra moisture. Although this oil is rich, it doesn't feel greasy or heavy on the skin and little goes a longa away.  This oil retails for $8 and you cant beat that price for a facial oil that's great.

3. Cargo blush/highlighter:

 I love this product! I always forget how amazing it is until I apply it and am in awe. It's beautiful on light/medium skin tones because it gives a bronzy/rose shimmery NOT glittery ( I hate large chunks of glitter in products) sheen to the cheek bone. Love using this on days where I am achieving the natural bronzy summery look. I am really loving cargo products lately I picked up a bronzer from them as well so look out for a post on that soon.

3. Grainer  skin renew dark spot overnight peel:

You cant tell from the above picture but I actually finished this product. There is mixed reviews about this product but honestly it worked for me. I applied it ever night and sometimes if I'm not leaving the house I applied during the day. It is a gradual peel and within one week my skin was brighter. It is not an actual peel its just ingredients that speeds up the process of exfoliation. If you have sensitive skin and you avoid physical exfoliation this would be a great product to try. I didn't break out from this product nor did I experience any irritation.

4. Korres Lip butter in Pomegranate:

This is an all around great everyday lip product. It's moisturizing and leaves a natural peachy/pink tint on the lips. I used this all of may and I am still loving this lip product.

5. LA splash Illuminating highlighting eye shadow:

This is your traditional shimmery white eye shadow. I use this under the brow bone and in the inner corner of the eye to awaken my always tired looking eyes. You can get this eye shadow at Ulta and its called wedding bells and the texture of the product is not chalky which is always a plus.

6. Essie nail polish in under where?

Its a spring/summer color that doesn't clash and goes with anything your wearing. Its a lavender color that's long wearing.

xo A

This Weeks Picks

Sunday, April 27, 2014

I've been really into pink and purple shadows lately. So,  I thought it would be appropriate to pull out this urban decay palette for this week. Urban decay shadows are by far my favorite. All there shadows that I have tried are very easy to blend, they have great color payoff, and are not chalky. Of course, if I am wearing any shadows I always like to apply a cream shadow under it. If you have read my post on the Maybelline 24 hour color tattoo, than you know my love for the cream shadows. There 5-6$ a pot and they are worth every penny. For this week, I took out the inked in pink and the pomegranate cream shadows. I think these two colors will look beautiful on their own for days this week were I don't have time and I just want to pop a little color on my lids. Also,  these cream shadows will prolong any powder shadows I wear over it. Some shadows from this palette I hope to try out this week will be:
1. Last Call
2. Chopper
3. Sin
4. Grifter

xo A

Review: Clinique All About Eyes Concealer

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hello, its been awhile and I am back with a review. I am a big concealer junkie so when I came across the Clinique all about eyes concealer about a year ago,  I knew this was going be a holy grail product.....and it is. What's really nice about this concealer is that the brand Clinique use very sensitive ingredients. Therefore, their products are catered for those who have sensitive skin or those who prefer less chemicals in their makeup. That's why this concealer is hydrating, yet, has great coverage. At times, it is difficult to find a concealer that is pigmented, gives great coverage, and at the same time is hydrating. I tried Bobbie brown creamy concealer and although it is very hyped and well liked by many, it was okay because it creased and was not hydrating enough under my eye.
 This concealer comes with seven shades. The color selection is perfect for color correcting. I have the shade medium petal and it's a pinkish with a light peach undertone and it cancels any discoloration that I have from lack of sleep. The packaging is great because you don't need to stick your finger in anything. It is a  tube and it does not disperse more than you need. This concealer retails for $17 which is pretty good because it lasts a long time  because a little goes a long way. Overall, if your looking for a good color correcting concealer than check this one out because I promise you won't be disappointed.

Thanks for reading and please let me know in the comments below your top concealers because I'd love to check them out.

xo A

Running late?!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

I don't know about you guys, but I'm always running late and it is due to my poor time management skills. So, days where I only have five minutes or less to slap something on my face, these are my five makeup picks I usually reach for. If you couldn't tell yet, all the makeup products are cream with the exception of the mascara.  Cream products are my very best friend when I am in a rush. Of course, not all cream products are great but in general, they are easier to blend into the skin when you are on a time crunch. So, with that being said, opt for cream products and try to avoid makeup tools.

Now, time to share my makeup picks with you guys.
First, Lorac touch up concealer/foundation to go pen. Talk about the best of both worlds. This pen has a brush and not just any brush, but a really great bush applicator.  The consistency of the product is a dream when I am in rush because it is easy to blend and melts seamlessly into the skin. The coverage is buildable and the product itself is compact and you can throw into your bag for later touch ups. Next, the body shop concealer. Honestly, its just a good concealer it has a balm in the middle of the concealer which allows the product to glide under the eye and has great coverage to spot conceal areas on the face. Third, Rimmel scandalized eye pencil in nude. You want this product when your in a rush because it will brighten the eye area big time. So, you will look like you got that seven hours of sleep like your supposed to. Fourth product is a the cream blush in tickled by Maybelline. A cream blush will make it easy to apply when your in rush and it will liven up the face.  I always choose a pinky bright color for a pop of color.  Last, a jet black mascara. This is my favorite part of my makeup step, applying  mascara and the L'Oreal millions of lashes is clump free on me. So, there you have it my 5 minutes or less makeup picks. Remember go for cream, cream, and cream and a light layer so you wont look like a hot mess.

xo A

My Most Used Bronzers

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ah, we all want that sun kissed look. You know that look, where you have that glowy tan as if you were vacationing in Aruba! Well you can totally achieve that look with wait for it.....bronzer!! Although that seems simple, it really isn't. My two rules when shopping for bronzers are one, stay away from very orange bronzers and two, stay away from very shimmery and dark bronzers. If you follow those two rulers, your guaranteed to find that sun kissed glow. I love blushes but I actually opt for a bronzer as a blush most days. That's where the Tarte Amazonian clay bronzer in avenue park princess and the body shop in 01 come in. The Tarte bronzer contains finely gold shimmer and it is beautiful when applied on the cheeks. The Body Shop bronzer is matte and contains a slight orange undertone but not muddy and it is perfect applied all over the face or on the cheeks to add some warmth to the face. Now, the bronzers I love to apply all over the face to give me that beautiful sun kissed glow are the Nars Laguna bronzer and the L'Oreal bronze/blush duo. The Nars Laguna bronzer lives up to its hype. It does contain shimmer but hardly detectable, unless you apply so much of it. Over all, it is not muddy and perks up my face giving it life and that sun kissed look. Lastly, the L'Oreal bronzer is matte and just a great simple all over bronzer for the face. This product never disappoints.

There you have it, my most used bronzers and let me know in the comments below your recommendations on your favorite bronzers.

xo A

This weeks picks

This week I am going to start using more of the Nude Tude eye shadow palette from the Balm. Now, this palette is incredible. The formulae of the shadows are pigmented and buttery just amazing bendable shadows. What I also like about this palette is I get shimmery and matte shadows and I love when brands give a mixture of the two. Picking this palette got me thinking to try more of balms products. So, I'll be using the Time Balm concealer this week as well. I don't know why, but I have neglected using this concealer far too long. It is a great concealer to apply under the eye, but I prefer using it on areas need more coverage because its a thicker consistency. Last, the urban decay eye shadow primer. This primer is amazing that's all I have to say. Also, because I will be wearing more eye shadow than I usually go for this week, I thought it was appropriate to include this product for this weeks picks.

Changing up my makeup products weekly is a great way for me to use all my products and I suggest that you guys try this method as well.

xo A

Review: L'Oreal Youth Code Texture Prefector Serum Concentrate

Saturday, March 22, 2014

  L'Oreal released the youth code line products about a year and half ago and it got quiet some attention for it. The line has products from moisturizer, serum, dark spot corrector and many more. I picked up the texture perfector about two months ago when I cam across some YouTube videos of some people raving about this product. My interest was piqued and so began my research on it. L'Oreal owns Lancôme and I read that Lancôme has a similar product as this but  triple the amount for it and in terms of ingredients there is not that much of a difference.

This product is suppose to help with the texture of the overall skin. It is lightweight and absorbs quickly into the skin. It does not feel greasy and it does have fragrance. I know some people do not like fragrance but I am bothered by it. It is a pleasant smell. It contains a pink tint and under light you can detect shimmer but when applied onto the skin it is undetectable. As you can see,  I am almost done with this product and that is why I thought it is time to give you my thoughts on it. I enjoyed the product and with time it does help with the overall texture of the skin. It does minimize pores and I saw an improvement in that. I will repurchase it but not right away just because it was good and effective but not "OMG the best product I have ever used and I can not live without it". For the price, you can't argue that it does a lot more to the overall skin complexion than other high-end 60 something dollars products that don't do too much. Overall thoughts, I loved using it but I can live without it and for the price I recommend anyone who is looking for a serum to enhance the overall skin texture. It gets a 7.5/10 which is pretty good.
It retails for $19.99 - $25.00 depending on where you get it.

xo A

This is  a half a pump of the serum on the front of my hand

As you can see, when it is blended it fills in the lines and smooth's the skin

Lets Talk Skin Care: Part 1

I have made quiet the splurge when it comes to the skincare department. It took awhile for me to realize that when the skin is taken care of and looking its best I don't need to slap all that makeup all over the face. This is going to be part one of my skincare, part two will cover oils and serums, and part three will cover masks and any other treatments.

1. Cleanse: Skipping cleanser should be a crime because it is it the most important step of any skincare routine. Build up of dirt and oil and just icky stuff throughout the day find their place on my skin. That is why investing in an exceptional and effective cleanser that is gentle so it will not strip away all the natural oils on your skin is paramount. When you excessively cleanse it removes the protective sebum completely and results in excessive dryness of the skin. So, avoid using harsh cleansers and don't ever use them more than three times a day. I have been using the First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser and it does the job very well. I love that this product does not leave my skin tight or dry which a lot of other cleaners out there do that and it harms your skin more than it helps.

2. Exfoliator: I will say that I do think exfoliating to much is harmful to the skin and can cause premature wrinkles.  Though exfoliation refreshes the skin, improves circulation and brightens the skin tone, overdoing it may cause the skin to become irritated. If you exfoliate more than required, you may end up causing damage to living cells of your skin and hamper their regeneration process. I exfoliate depending on how my skin is looking and the texture of it that morning. Lately, I have been using it pretty much every morning and it is all because of the Seaweed Pore- Cleansing Exfoliator by the Body Shop. I have never used an exfoliator as effective as this one. First, its a gel formula. Two, it contains medium beads and it is not to abrasive. Three, I can sit down and smell this product all day, no joke it smells amazing. Four, when you apply it to the face it instantly turns into a foam. This product can be used as both your cleanser and exfoliator and I think this product is hands down impressive. For some reason, I'm always surprised when I use it  just because it leaves my skin looking its absolute best.

3. Tone: Never skip toner, please don't. After you cleanse and exfoliate, the PH level of your skin alters. That is why using a toner balances the PH level of your skin. Make sure you opt for a toner that is alcohol free and the Seaweed Clarifying toner by the Body Shop is perfect. It is not harsh and refreshes my skin and hydrates it at the same time without leaving a residue.

4. Sunscreen: If I had to pick one thing from all the products I have, it would have to be sunscreen. I can not stress enough the importance in protecting your skin from the sun. There should be no excuse for not using sunscreen everyday because you can get in your moisturizer or foundations. I use the Clinique, but honestly get one from the drugstore because they all do the same thing.

5. Moisturizer: Even if you have oily skin you must moisturize. If you decide not to, your skin will produce more oils. However, if you apply an oil free moisturizer you will be balancing the oil levels on your skin. Opt for a gel moisturizer rather than a cream if you have combo/ oily skin because it will absorb quickly into the skin. I use the First Aid Beauty cream on days where I am staying at home because it is very thick. I use it every night as a treatment and my skin drinks it up throughout the night.

Taking care of your skin is very important and I think you can find great products as well at the drugstore. My number one advice when it comes to products is always go for gentle formulas and be consistent with your routine that is the only way you will see results.

xo A

Spring Eye Palette

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Ah Spring,  warm weather, Sunday barbeques, and bright/neon colors are everywhere from makeup to clothing. Finally, this weekend started to feel a lot like spring and I am loving it. I didn't get to any spring cleaning this weekend because I don't trust the South's weather, yet. But I did take out an eye palette that was collecting dust for months in my makeup drawer and it is my Urban Decay Eye palette. Unfortunately, I do not know the name of the palette I picked it up from Nordstrom Rack last summer and I think it was a limited edition palette. Now, Urban Decay is a beast when it comes to quality shadows and this palette was no exception to that. Creamy, pigmented, bendable, long wearing and great color payoff are all what this palette consists of. I must say, some of these colors are little to out there for my usual taste of browns and neutral colors but hey, once in awhile its nice to be adventurous and add a pop of bright color to the eye. If you have oily eye lids as I do, than you are going to want to apply a primer or base to prolong the wear of the shadows from creasing or sliding off those lids. I use the Maybelline 24 hour color tattoo in 70 Barely Branded and it is a champagne colored crème shadow.  Putting a base underneath the urban decay shadows enhances the vibrancy of the shadows.

Like I said some of the colors in this palette are too much for my taste, so I would wear colors such as Graffiti ( bright green), FishNet(bright purple) or Peace(baby blue). I would wear the brighter colors as a liner on my upper lashes and I would wear my eyeliner brush and that lets me smoothly apply it as liner as it opens you eyes. All I do is apply a lengthening mascara then a volumizing mascara and the eye look is complete.

Top Eye shadows from this Palette:

1. Shag
2. Scratch
3. Underground
4. Honey

What's nice about this palette is a lot of the shadows can be found in Urban Decay's permanent palettes such as the naked palette or individual shadows sold, So although this palette was limited edition, a lot of the colors cane be easily accessible in different ways.

xo A

Maybelline 24 hour Color Tattoo EyeShadows

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Maybelline came out with these color tattoo eye shadows about 3 years ago and it caused quiet a  hype when they came out. These crème shadows have made it into my holy grail must have products for five reasons. First, the longevity of these crème shadows are phenomenal they do not crease or wear off throughout the day. Two, color pay off is perfect. Three, the shimmer in some of the crème shadows is very fine allowing one to wear it during the day or under another powder shadow without it clashing. Four, acts as a primer. Because this product claims to wear for 24 hours,( lets be honest who really wears any makeup for a full 24 hours) it prolongs your powder shadow when applied as a primer. Also, if you have powder shadows that are lacking color and are just plain boring, applying one of these crème shadows underneath makes the powder more vibrant in color and a gives a beautiful sheen to the overall eye look. Five, this product is budget friendly and it retails for 6 to 7 dollars at most drugstores (Target, Walgreens, CVS, Wall-Mart) and it is better than a lot of high end crème shadows out in the market now. I cannot say good enough things about  this product but that it is well worth the hype and money.

Top 3 Color Tattoo Shadows:

1. Bad to the Bronze: I am on my second one and this is hands down my favorite. It is an amazing everyday color and I wear it both on its own or under a brown powder shadow.

2. Barley Branded: This is a beige color with a bit of shimmer and I love to wear this under other shadows to make it more vibrant and prolong the wear. Also, I love to apply this in my inner corner to brighten that area.

3. Inked in Pink: Its a pinkish color and I love to wear on its own.

xo A

This Weeks Picks

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Now, with all the makeup that I have there is always going to be those products that shine brighter than others. But what's nice is that I rotate my products weekly so I can give myself the chance to use all my products equally. So I am going  start doing a post every Sunday of products that are going to be used for that week. Products that can be anything from nail polish, perfume, brushes, and books. Anything really that I want to start using more. I have already been trying to do this and it's been a successful method that allows me to give products a chance that were hidden in the drawer for too long. I want all of you guys reading this to try this method out and remember this does not apply to makeup or beauty related things it can be absolutely anything.
I picked both new and old products that I am going to use for this week.

1. Nars Sheer Glow Foundation
2. Chloe Perfume (love this scent)
3. Butter London Polish
4. Nars Limited Edition Cheek Palette in Foreplay

Let me know in the comments below what products that your going to put in the spotlight for this week.

xo A

Face of the Day

Its a shame that the weekend is already over, however, I got errands to run and prepare for another week. You know the usual.. go to the car wash, fill up gas, grocery shopping and blah blah blah more boring stuff. Unfortunately, I gotta look some what presentable and I thought I would share of my picks for my face makeup on this lovely Sunday.

1. Nyx tinted moisturize:
This product is a new release by nyx and so far I have been loving it. It's very moisturizing and gives very little coverage which is perfect for the those "no makeup" makeup days, like today.

2. Clinique all about eyes concealer:
I love Clinique. I find a lot of their products not harsh and benefit the skin rather than harm it and it has to do with the gentle ingredients they use in some of their products. The concealer I chose has a pink undertone and is perfect for canceling out any  discoloration under the eye.

3. I am not a big fan of eye shadow during the day but I have been obsessed with my recent purchase of the L'Oreal infallible pigment eye shadow in Bottomless Java. The color is deep brown with finely milled gold glitter and I know it sounds too much to wear during the day. However, if you apply a little of it on a fluffy brush all over lid it is BEAUTIFUL. The consistency is a like butter just glides so smoothly onto the lids.

4. The Balm blush in down boy:
Its a pinkish Barbie color and very pigmented so a little goes a long way. Its important to apply it with a light hand.

5. Maybelline Lash Stiletto Voluptuous Mascara in waterproof blackest black

6.CoverGirl Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss Balm:
I don't know the name but its a deep purple color

xo A