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Running late?!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

I don't know about you guys, but I'm always running late and it is due to my poor time management skills. So, days where I only have five minutes or less to slap something on my face, these are my five makeup picks I usually reach for. If you couldn't tell yet, all the makeup products are cream with the exception of the mascara.  Cream products are my very best friend when I am in a rush. Of course, not all cream products are great but in general, they are easier to blend into the skin when you are on a time crunch. So, with that being said, opt for cream products and try to avoid makeup tools.

Now, time to share my makeup picks with you guys.
First, Lorac touch up concealer/foundation to go pen. Talk about the best of both worlds. This pen has a brush and not just any brush, but a really great bush applicator.  The consistency of the product is a dream when I am in rush because it is easy to blend and melts seamlessly into the skin. The coverage is buildable and the product itself is compact and you can throw into your bag for later touch ups. Next, the body shop concealer. Honestly, its just a good concealer it has a balm in the middle of the concealer which allows the product to glide under the eye and has great coverage to spot conceal areas on the face. Third, Rimmel scandalized eye pencil in nude. You want this product when your in a rush because it will brighten the eye area big time. So, you will look like you got that seven hours of sleep like your supposed to. Fourth product is a the cream blush in tickled by Maybelline. A cream blush will make it easy to apply when your in rush and it will liven up the face.  I always choose a pinky bright color for a pop of color.  Last, a jet black mascara. This is my favorite part of my makeup step, applying  mascara and the L'Oreal millions of lashes is clump free on me. So, there you have it my 5 minutes or less makeup picks. Remember go for cream, cream, and cream and a light layer so you wont look like a hot mess.

xo A

My Most Used Bronzers

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ah, we all want that sun kissed look. You know that look, where you have that glowy tan as if you were vacationing in Aruba! Well you can totally achieve that look with wait for it.....bronzer!! Although that seems simple, it really isn't. My two rules when shopping for bronzers are one, stay away from very orange bronzers and two, stay away from very shimmery and dark bronzers. If you follow those two rulers, your guaranteed to find that sun kissed glow. I love blushes but I actually opt for a bronzer as a blush most days. That's where the Tarte Amazonian clay bronzer in avenue park princess and the body shop in 01 come in. The Tarte bronzer contains finely gold shimmer and it is beautiful when applied on the cheeks. The Body Shop bronzer is matte and contains a slight orange undertone but not muddy and it is perfect applied all over the face or on the cheeks to add some warmth to the face. Now, the bronzers I love to apply all over the face to give me that beautiful sun kissed glow are the Nars Laguna bronzer and the L'Oreal bronze/blush duo. The Nars Laguna bronzer lives up to its hype. It does contain shimmer but hardly detectable, unless you apply so much of it. Over all, it is not muddy and perks up my face giving it life and that sun kissed look. Lastly, the L'Oreal bronzer is matte and just a great simple all over bronzer for the face. This product never disappoints.

There you have it, my most used bronzers and let me know in the comments below your recommendations on your favorite bronzers.

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This weeks picks

This week I am going to start using more of the Nude Tude eye shadow palette from the Balm. Now, this palette is incredible. The formulae of the shadows are pigmented and buttery just amazing bendable shadows. What I also like about this palette is I get shimmery and matte shadows and I love when brands give a mixture of the two. Picking this palette got me thinking to try more of balms products. So, I'll be using the Time Balm concealer this week as well. I don't know why, but I have neglected using this concealer far too long. It is a great concealer to apply under the eye, but I prefer using it on areas need more coverage because its a thicker consistency. Last, the urban decay eye shadow primer. This primer is amazing that's all I have to say. Also, because I will be wearing more eye shadow than I usually go for this week, I thought it was appropriate to include this product for this weeks picks.

Changing up my makeup products weekly is a great way for me to use all my products and I suggest that you guys try this method as well.

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Review: L'Oreal Youth Code Texture Prefector Serum Concentrate

Saturday, March 22, 2014

  L'Oreal released the youth code line products about a year and half ago and it got quiet some attention for it. The line has products from moisturizer, serum, dark spot corrector and many more. I picked up the texture perfector about two months ago when I cam across some YouTube videos of some people raving about this product. My interest was piqued and so began my research on it. L'Oreal owns Lancôme and I read that Lancôme has a similar product as this but  triple the amount for it and in terms of ingredients there is not that much of a difference.

This product is suppose to help with the texture of the overall skin. It is lightweight and absorbs quickly into the skin. It does not feel greasy and it does have fragrance. I know some people do not like fragrance but I am bothered by it. It is a pleasant smell. It contains a pink tint and under light you can detect shimmer but when applied onto the skin it is undetectable. As you can see,  I am almost done with this product and that is why I thought it is time to give you my thoughts on it. I enjoyed the product and with time it does help with the overall texture of the skin. It does minimize pores and I saw an improvement in that. I will repurchase it but not right away just because it was good and effective but not "OMG the best product I have ever used and I can not live without it". For the price, you can't argue that it does a lot more to the overall skin complexion than other high-end 60 something dollars products that don't do too much. Overall thoughts, I loved using it but I can live without it and for the price I recommend anyone who is looking for a serum to enhance the overall skin texture. It gets a 7.5/10 which is pretty good.
It retails for $19.99 - $25.00 depending on where you get it.

xo A

This is  a half a pump of the serum on the front of my hand

As you can see, when it is blended it fills in the lines and smooth's the skin

Lets Talk Skin Care: Part 1

I have made quiet the splurge when it comes to the skincare department. It took awhile for me to realize that when the skin is taken care of and looking its best I don't need to slap all that makeup all over the face. This is going to be part one of my skincare, part two will cover oils and serums, and part three will cover masks and any other treatments.

1. Cleanse: Skipping cleanser should be a crime because it is it the most important step of any skincare routine. Build up of dirt and oil and just icky stuff throughout the day find their place on my skin. That is why investing in an exceptional and effective cleanser that is gentle so it will not strip away all the natural oils on your skin is paramount. When you excessively cleanse it removes the protective sebum completely and results in excessive dryness of the skin. So, avoid using harsh cleansers and don't ever use them more than three times a day. I have been using the First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser and it does the job very well. I love that this product does not leave my skin tight or dry which a lot of other cleaners out there do that and it harms your skin more than it helps.

2. Exfoliator: I will say that I do think exfoliating to much is harmful to the skin and can cause premature wrinkles.  Though exfoliation refreshes the skin, improves circulation and brightens the skin tone, overdoing it may cause the skin to become irritated. If you exfoliate more than required, you may end up causing damage to living cells of your skin and hamper their regeneration process. I exfoliate depending on how my skin is looking and the texture of it that morning. Lately, I have been using it pretty much every morning and it is all because of the Seaweed Pore- Cleansing Exfoliator by the Body Shop. I have never used an exfoliator as effective as this one. First, its a gel formula. Two, it contains medium beads and it is not to abrasive. Three, I can sit down and smell this product all day, no joke it smells amazing. Four, when you apply it to the face it instantly turns into a foam. This product can be used as both your cleanser and exfoliator and I think this product is hands down impressive. For some reason, I'm always surprised when I use it  just because it leaves my skin looking its absolute best.

3. Tone: Never skip toner, please don't. After you cleanse and exfoliate, the PH level of your skin alters. That is why using a toner balances the PH level of your skin. Make sure you opt for a toner that is alcohol free and the Seaweed Clarifying toner by the Body Shop is perfect. It is not harsh and refreshes my skin and hydrates it at the same time without leaving a residue.

4. Sunscreen: If I had to pick one thing from all the products I have, it would have to be sunscreen. I can not stress enough the importance in protecting your skin from the sun. There should be no excuse for not using sunscreen everyday because you can get in your moisturizer or foundations. I use the Clinique, but honestly get one from the drugstore because they all do the same thing.

5. Moisturizer: Even if you have oily skin you must moisturize. If you decide not to, your skin will produce more oils. However, if you apply an oil free moisturizer you will be balancing the oil levels on your skin. Opt for a gel moisturizer rather than a cream if you have combo/ oily skin because it will absorb quickly into the skin. I use the First Aid Beauty cream on days where I am staying at home because it is very thick. I use it every night as a treatment and my skin drinks it up throughout the night.

Taking care of your skin is very important and I think you can find great products as well at the drugstore. My number one advice when it comes to products is always go for gentle formulas and be consistent with your routine that is the only way you will see results.

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Spring Eye Palette

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Ah Spring,  warm weather, Sunday barbeques, and bright/neon colors are everywhere from makeup to clothing. Finally, this weekend started to feel a lot like spring and I am loving it. I didn't get to any spring cleaning this weekend because I don't trust the South's weather, yet. But I did take out an eye palette that was collecting dust for months in my makeup drawer and it is my Urban Decay Eye palette. Unfortunately, I do not know the name of the palette I picked it up from Nordstrom Rack last summer and I think it was a limited edition palette. Now, Urban Decay is a beast when it comes to quality shadows and this palette was no exception to that. Creamy, pigmented, bendable, long wearing and great color payoff are all what this palette consists of. I must say, some of these colors are little to out there for my usual taste of browns and neutral colors but hey, once in awhile its nice to be adventurous and add a pop of bright color to the eye. If you have oily eye lids as I do, than you are going to want to apply a primer or base to prolong the wear of the shadows from creasing or sliding off those lids. I use the Maybelline 24 hour color tattoo in 70 Barely Branded and it is a champagne colored crème shadow.  Putting a base underneath the urban decay shadows enhances the vibrancy of the shadows.

Like I said some of the colors in this palette are too much for my taste, so I would wear colors such as Graffiti ( bright green), FishNet(bright purple) or Peace(baby blue). I would wear the brighter colors as a liner on my upper lashes and I would wear my eyeliner brush and that lets me smoothly apply it as liner as it opens you eyes. All I do is apply a lengthening mascara then a volumizing mascara and the eye look is complete.

Top Eye shadows from this Palette:

1. Shag
2. Scratch
3. Underground
4. Honey

What's nice about this palette is a lot of the shadows can be found in Urban Decay's permanent palettes such as the naked palette or individual shadows sold, So although this palette was limited edition, a lot of the colors cane be easily accessible in different ways.

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Maybelline 24 hour Color Tattoo EyeShadows

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Maybelline came out with these color tattoo eye shadows about 3 years ago and it caused quiet a  hype when they came out. These crème shadows have made it into my holy grail must have products for five reasons. First, the longevity of these crème shadows are phenomenal they do not crease or wear off throughout the day. Two, color pay off is perfect. Three, the shimmer in some of the crème shadows is very fine allowing one to wear it during the day or under another powder shadow without it clashing. Four, acts as a primer. Because this product claims to wear for 24 hours,( lets be honest who really wears any makeup for a full 24 hours) it prolongs your powder shadow when applied as a primer. Also, if you have powder shadows that are lacking color and are just plain boring, applying one of these crème shadows underneath makes the powder more vibrant in color and a gives a beautiful sheen to the overall eye look. Five, this product is budget friendly and it retails for 6 to 7 dollars at most drugstores (Target, Walgreens, CVS, Wall-Mart) and it is better than a lot of high end crème shadows out in the market now. I cannot say good enough things about  this product but that it is well worth the hype and money.

Top 3 Color Tattoo Shadows:

1. Bad to the Bronze: I am on my second one and this is hands down my favorite. It is an amazing everyday color and I wear it both on its own or under a brown powder shadow.

2. Barley Branded: This is a beige color with a bit of shimmer and I love to wear this under other shadows to make it more vibrant and prolong the wear. Also, I love to apply this in my inner corner to brighten that area.

3. Inked in Pink: Its a pinkish color and I love to wear on its own.

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