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E.L.F Studio Line: Golden Bronzer Powder

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hey lovelies, I am not sure if you read my last post that covers all about my obsession over the E.L.F studio line brushes. If you haven't read it, go check it out because it is the first post of many on my loves and dislikes from E.L.F studio line products. This brand is affordable and I have neglected this brand far to long and I am happy that I gave them a try.

I love bronzer. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter doesn't matter what the season is you will find me reaching for a bronzer all year round. I even prefer a bronzer over blush. Your either a huge blush or bronzer fan. I haven't met someone who doesn't like one better than the other.However, I prefer matte bronzers and at times, I will opt for a bronzer with a bit of shimmer that is not detectable on the skin and just gives a beautiful glow to the face. Unfortunately, this was not the case for this Golden Bronzer powder from the E.L.F studio line. It is very shimmery and it is very similar to one of Bobbie Brown's shimmer brick palette. Also, I came across a blogger and a YouTuber that did a swatch side by side of one of Dior's shimmer palettes and it is a very close dupe. I will be honest I rarely use this as a bronzer. I feel that the shimmer is to much and is very evident when applied to the cheek. Therefore, I actually use it as an eye shadows and highlighter. It blends beautiful on the eye lids and gives a shimmery wash of color and enhances your eye look when applied in the center of the eye lid as well. I apply it in the center and than apply a soft matte brown to the crease and it completes the look. Also, I use in the inner corner as a highlighter, under the brown bone and upper lip. I purchased this for $3 at target and I am very happy with this purchase.  Great pigmentation from this product and you can swirl your brush to mix the four colors or just use each color separately.

For the price, I do not have any cons because I use this product as a highlighter and eye shadow and I love it for that. Bronzer, not so much. But that is what's so great about products like this they have multiple uses.

Thanks for reading.

xo A

Affordable Makeup Brushes: E.L.F

Now, when it comes to makeup brushes I am a bigger believer that you do not need to have the most expensive brushes to get a beautiful makeup application. Surprisingly, the drugstore and other brands such as crown and coastal scents has gave MAC, Sigma, and department store brushes a run for their money. This post will be the first of many posts on affordable brushes.

E.L.F (Eyes Lips Face) is probably the most affordable makeup line at the drugstore. They have the dollar makeup line and the studio line where everything is priced $3-5.00. I must admit, the dollar line has a great eye shadow primer and the studio line has great blushes, highlighters, bronzers, and brushes. The studio brushes are much better than the elf one dollar line brushes. All the studio line brushes are $3.00 and I am  really impressed by them. Lets talk packaging. I think it is important to keep in mind that the three dollars your paying for is not for the brush handles or packaging, but rather for the quality of the bristles. The brushes are very soft, does not shed, washes well, and blends liquid and powder products on the face and eye wonderfully.

My favorite two brushes from the studio line are the small stippling brush, which I heard countless bloggers mention that it is very similar to the MAC one. Also, the complexion brush is amazing. I found myself always reaching for that brush to apply any powder products. It is the perfect size, very soft and feels like a quality brush. I am beyond happy with the E.L.F studio line brushes and have not come across a brush from this line that is not outstanding. I highly recommend everyone to buy them because they are affordable and great.

Also, in the picture above you will notice that the eye shadow brush in the far left is from their dollar line. I wanted to show the difference in appearance from the dollar line and the studio line, which is all black and gives off a very sleek and sophisticated look.

Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for the next post that will feature another E.L.F product from their studio line. If you can't tell, I have been experimenting with some great jewels from E.L.F. Really impressed.

xo A 

July Favorites

Monday, August 4, 2014

It's July favorites and who doesn't like talking about their favorites?!

 July was a decent month. I graduated college (woot woot) and I have some star products that made an appearance in July that are worth a mention. Lets begin....

Bigelow Green Tea:
I used to be a big green tea drinker. Like Huge,  used to be totally obsessed with it! For some reason, I randomly stopped and went into my toxic coffee drinking habit. True, it could be because I was swamped with exams and that equals to late nights and that results into a whole lot of coffee consumption. Strange pattern, but seriously coffee always makes an appearance during exams.  Last few weeks of July, I decided to go on a healthy kick, start getting back into my running routine, and maintaining a balanced super health and 70% raw diet. I am happy to say, I have officially jumped back into the green tea wagon and I'm even more obsessed. If you don't know already, green tea is very high in antioxidants and that simply means good for your health, skin, and hair. Studies have found that at least two cups of green tea everyday will prolong your life. Live longer, who doesn't want to jump on that wagon?!

Jane Cosmetics Concealer:
This concealer really reminds me of the MAC pro long wear concealer that I have but a thinner consistency. This concealer is great under the eye because it doesn't cake-up, it's hydrating and has great coverage under the eye. I have the concealer in medium and it's slightly darker than I would usually get for the under eye but nonetheless, great affordable concealer.

Wet in Wild: Walking on egg shells eye shadow trio
Love this trio. Affordable, like $3 affordable!! It is crazy how inexpensive and great this products is. Great pigmentation, not chalky, neutral colors for everyday wear and bendable. Overall, everyone should have this product in their collection. It performs, which a lot of other shadows ten times its price fails to do.

Revlon Brilliant Strength Nail polish:
I am a big fan of Revlon polishes. They work for me and the brilliant strength line is no exception to that. It is opaque, dries within a reasonable time and long wearing. I particularly love this bright neon coral color it is a shade that will make your hands and feet look twenty times tanner than they really look.

Nivea a kiss of berry swirl lip care:
It smells like a berry cream Popsicle and that was enough to get me to love it.

Smash Box waterproof brow gel:
AH-MAZING brow product. First time using a gel brow product and I have converted. I am so impressed and pleased with the finish and longevity of this gel. I have the color dark brown and some time this week I will have a post talking about my brow routine.

Vince Camuto Body Lotion:
It smells like the perfume so I would naturally be hooked on the lotion as well. I smell really sophisticated and fancy when apply this.

Ole Henricksen Eye Gel:
This eye gel is not a wonder product. It is just a simple eye gel that has a metal applicator which helps with de-puffing and cools the eye area. I enjoy using this in the morning because it wakes my under eyes.

Oscar de la renta Sunglasses:
Got thes from Marshallas for only$10!  I am so glad I was patient and didn't splurge on sun glasses. These glasses are flattering and durable.

These are all my favorites of July that deserve a mention on the blog.

 Thanks for reading Ladies

xo A 

Current M.A.C Favorites

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Hey Yall, thought I'd share some of my current MAC loves.

I thought i'd begin my mentioning that I am not MAC obsessed like many others out there. It is true that MAC has one of the best blushes, highlighters, and eye shadows. However, when it comes to face bases its a hit or miss with everyone. To be honest, I was always afraid to try any of their face bases like skin care or foundations because many break out as soon as they use them. After hearing mention the Studio Fix Fluid foundation to have good coverage and hasn't broken her out, I decided to pick it up in the shade NC35 . Also, it's not that expensive when I think of all the other foundations a bought with a $50 price tag.

 First, I am I yellow undertone gal and that was the first thing that got me excited  about this product they have great yellow undertones to their foundations. True, a little too yellow but not all of them. Unfortunately, my excitement lasted for only a day and like all the other foundation bottles I have, I stored it in my makeup drawer. What?!!! Number one tip, if your a makeup junkie you NEVER EVER store new products in a makeup drawer. You should always place them in plain site to remind you that "hey you need to start using NOW".  That is why 3 weeks ago,  I gave myself a pep talk( don't judge, we all have those). The pep take consisted of you know, use more of your products and clam down on the extravagant makeup purchases blah blah you know those talks. Therefore, I wont be buying any foundations until I finish all the ones I have and its been working. I am in love with this foundation. Its similar to my beloved NARS sheer glow foundation with less dewyness and more coverage. To sum up the foundation: Color, perfect. Coverage, perfect. Skin, perfect. I haven't broken out at all. Longevity, um....Perfect. I am really happy with this product.

Next, MAC Pro Longwear concealer. This concealer is perfect for under the eye. Its long wearing and doesn't crease which many concealers have that flaw. Over all, this concealer is worth it.

Lastly, MAC Blot powder/pressed. This product should live in everyone's on the go makeup bag. You will thank me. It does what it says. It blots the heck out of your face when it gets from dewy to greasy looking. The best thing, it does not  interfere with your makeup.This product gets a 10 out of 10.

Thanks for reading. Let me know any MAC products that your currently loving.

xo A 

An eye shadow that gives a whole lot of bang for your buck...

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Hello lovelies, its review time and I am most excited with this one.

 I am sure many of you have read raves reviews on the L'Oreal infallible eye shadows and for good reason. These have to be the best shadows I have bought that truly gives a whole lot of bang for my buck. They retail for $7-9 depending on where you buy it. I suggest checking Ulta and purchasing it when they have their buy one get one 50% off deals. Also, using the $3.50 off $10 coupon if you want to purchase more than one and the coupon is on their online site.

The eye shadows come in 18 shades from your everyday neutral colors to some bright in your face colors. I purchased 3 different shades Taupe: The middle swatch on my arm, Bottomless Java: The right swatch, and Smoldering Plum: left swatch . The Taupe shadow is my most used. It is a beautiful everyday all over shade that blends like a dream. This was the first shade that I bought after hearing Lilly pebbles and Viviananadoesmakeup rave about this shade and now I understand why. I don't like applying eyeliner or a wing eyeliner anymore. I found that applying this all over my eye lids give me the perfect smoky definition to my eye that isn't to much for everyday wear. I don't love the shadow just because of the color but rather the quality is the ultimate reason. The formulation lies between a cream and the ease of application of a powder, therefore, the eye shadow melts to the eye lid on application.I bought this for about $5 on sale and it beats any high end shadow that I have. It is long wearing, color payoff is out of this world, no fall out, blends seamlessly, the shimmer is finely milled, and it looks and feels like an expensive shadow.  I do not even have to apply a primer and it will last for over 6 hours. Some of the claims of the shadows are that it  lasts for up to 24hrs, its  sweat proof, waterproof, crease resistant wear with velvet-soft texture that blends easily, providing luminous color with a smooth, even finish. I do not know of it lasts for up 24hrs because I cant imagine anyone keeping eye shadow for that long. However, the longevity of the shadows are impressive. 

These shadows get a 10 out of 10 because for the price and quality, nothing can beat it. 

Ulta Coupon

Thanks for reading 
xo A