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Red Apple Lipstick Review: Lipstick

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hello and Happy Friday Dotted Bow readers!

The second Red Apple Lipstick review is Finally here!! I am going to keep this short and sweet. I thought I can first let you know that I am not much of a lipstick or gloss gal. I think because for everyday use, I rely on tinted balm's or my good ole trusty vaseline that I can not live without. However, there are nights and especially days where I am feeling daring, bold and I just want to crack out the reds or deep burgundy lipsticks. But I have one condition though when I where the bold lipsticks, it needs to be reasonably long wearing, satin or matt finish, and easy to reapply. What I mean by easy to reapply is that matte lipsticks are difficult to reapply because it will apply patchy and uneven. I understand the reason that reapplication is not advised because the whole point of wearing matte is so you do not need to reapply. But if a lipstick is semi matte, I prefer it to be fuss free, easy to reapply, and above all it wears off evenly. There are some lipsticks I have tried after a couple of hours of wear, fades unevenly and leaves my lips looking worst off with it than without it. 
So, now that you got an idea of my particular taste of lipstick finishes are it is time to get into this review. 

As stated in my pervious post, red apple lipstick is a vegan free, cruelty free, allergen free, paraben free, gluten free, and non  GMO company. Pretty much, this brand is safe! I had the opportunity to choose two products to try from the brand and one of the products I chose is a Lipstick in Manhattan 
When I first swatched the lipstick I was surprised that there are fine glitter. At first, I was not very interested in applying it on to my lips but as soon as I did, I was pleasant with the finish of the Lipstick. The glitter is undetectable on the lips, its is moisturizing, satin finish, creamy, the color is beautiful, long wearing, and fades evenly. This lipstick on the site costs $23.50. Yes, it is pricer compared to for example, MAC lipsticks. However, I feel it is not appropriate to compare since both brands are completely different. The ingredients are fantastic so if that is something that is on the top of your list than NO, it is not pricey. You pay for what you get and that is the case for this lipstick because the quality of the product is great. If I had to pick one favorite thing about this product is that I really love the way the lipstick fades throughout the day. It has creamy/stain finish and then a couple of hours later, it has a matte finish allowing it to wear longer. Overall, this lipstick is a beautiful red color and I highly recommend it checking it out and other products from the brand. 

Thanks for reading! 
xo The Dotted Bow Sisters

Red Apple Lipstick: Prime Time Eye Shadow Primer

Monday, January 19, 2015

Hello Dottedbow readers, it is review time! 
Okay, I am a big eye shadow gal but above all, compared to my sisters, I have really oily eye lids. I know, it does not sound good. There are times where I really want my eyeshadow to stick around for the entire day, especially if I am not wearing a wing eye liner look. The past couple of months, I have drifted off from the wing eye liner look and for some reason, I am just not interested in it anymore. I love creating new eyeshadow looks, even though my go to looks are the neutral browns and champagne colors, I still play around once in a while. This is where the most important part of my eye look comes in PRIMER! Eye shadow primer is very important to me and as I mentioned before, I have really oily eye lids and I go to school from 8 am to 5 pm. Therefore, I have tried my fair share of eye shadow primers. I do need to mention that I have not tired any drugstore eye shadow primers and have only pretty much tired the popular ones: Nars smudge proof primer,  Urban Decay primer potion,  Mac painterly paint pot  and  Too Faced shadow insurance. Over all, these high-end brands have great eye shadow primers. However, there is one unique brand that deserves a round of applause for creating an impressive eye shadow prime and that is Red Apple Lipstick.

Many of the youtubers that I am subscribed to have raved about Red Apple Lipsticks eye shadows and lipsticks but none of them tried the prime time eye shadow prime . That is why when Red Apple Lipstick kindly sent me two products of my choice to try out and review I was very excited to put the Prime time to the test. I received this product about two weeks ago and have been wearing it for ten days and these are my thoughts on it. 

Packaging: I love that the product is in a pot. It is completely personal preference and I know many people out there will be the first to disagree for hygienic reasons. 

Formula: Okay, this is where I had an interesting experience. The first time I used the primer my eye shadow creased after one hour and it did not look the way it usually does.  The next day, I was determined to do a little bit of research  before I used it again and luckily, I stumbled upon a review that recommended to use the primeer sparingly and I did just that. I gently tapped my ring finger and applied a thin layer on my lids. Ten hours later, there was slight creasing but that is expected with any product and I was very pleased with the results. Also, the site describes the formula as a creamy powdery consistency and that is exactly how I would describe it as well. 

 Final thoughts: 

1. My eyeshadow stayed true to color. 

2. Even though there was slight creasing, my eyeshadow looked the best it has ever looked after a ten hour long day.  

3. I know I am sounding like a broken record but I have really oily eye lids and the primer held up really well. 

4.  The primer did a great job covering any discoloration and leaving a neutral base and that really helps with enhancing certain eye shadow colors. 

5. This product definitely gets the Dotted Bow stamp of approval. I am excited to see how well this primer works in the summer when eye shadows tend to be more of challenge to wear due to the humid weather in the good ole south. 

Also, there are beauty bloggers who use this product to conceal dark circles and conceal their lips to pro long certain lipsticks and get its true color.  However, I have not tried using this product other than as an eye primer but just thought I would let you know that apparently this product is multi purpose which is a Win Win! 

This product on the site is for $27 and it is worth the invest because a little goes a long way. This product will last you a long time and honestly, I have not touched my urban decay eye shadow primer potion since I got this. I just really like the results and sometimes I will wear primer even if I am not wearing eye shadow. 

Prime Time Eye Primer  (link to the Red Apple Lipstick site) 

Lastly, what is really great about this product is that it is vegan, gluten free, corn free, allergen free, paraben free, cruelty free,  non GMOs. If you have sensitive skin and your eyes get irritated easily this product is perfect because it does irritate. 

Okay, so I looked not the site for some coupons because I love this product that much but I wanted to see if i can find a coupon and I did...Woohoo! If you sign up for their VIP club, you will get 10% off every product. It is free to join so if you are interested in trying this product or any other product just  sign up to get the coupon. 10%0ff coupon Also, keep your eyes out for another post on a lipstick review from Red Apple Lipstick.

Thanks for reading! 
xo The Dotted Bow Sisters

Naked On the Run Kit

Friday, January 2, 2015

So as everybody is rounding out there 2014 beauty favorites I decided to write a different post. This post is reviewing the somewhat new Naked On the Run Kit; that really is worth the money. Everybody is starting out their new years resolution therefore I decided to mention one of mine which is to start wearing makeup that projects a more natural look. I bought this kit thinking it pretty much has everything that I need except foundation and powder and at first I was skeptical about the eyeshadows with the mixed reviews on the Sephora website. I could see the dilemma, I feel like the eyeshadows do need an eye primer in order to stay in place all day but everything else was great! My makeup lasted the whole day and when classes start I feel like this is going to be my go to products because of the time constrictions in the morning. Therefore this kit has The Dotted Bow sisters approval! If there are any similar kits or palettes like this please leave a comment below so we can try it!

Go to Winter Nails

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!
It has been one year since this blog launched. Of course, with school and work we had trouble keeping this blog on its very best, you know, with consistent posts and all that. However, this year I can promise that great things will be coming to this blog. First, I am excited to start posting about fitness. I am a big fan of running. Actually, I am kind of obsessed with  running I jut love it and I thought it would be great to start sharing my progress this new year. Managing law school and keeping up with my daily 4 mile runs will be a challenge to say the least, but I am excited. Anyways, the point of this post is to let you know what my go to nail choice was this past month. I was never a big of fan of glitter nails and I do not think I really am, yet. But I have a combo that I found myself wearing a lot this winter. I love the burgundy, grey, and deep dark colors for the winter. So I was surprised that the OPI glitters were my top choice anytime I wanted to paint my nails. This winter, I did not pick up any new glitter OPI colors. The glitter colors I have are from last years winter collection and the one in the photo is All Sparkly and Gold. It is beautiful when topped over black painted nails. I love how incredibly finely milled the glitter is and  it makes it easier to coat the nails well. Compared to Essie glitter, the OPI is much better. 

Thanks for reading! 
xo The Dotted Bow Sisters