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Radha Beauty: Intensive Youth Eye Gel

Monday, February 16, 2015

 Happy Monday!! 
As I mentioned in the pervious post, this month is all skin care and todays post is my first review of a brand that I am beyond impressed with! I am member on brand bracker and I had the opportunity to try three products from Radah Beauty Skin care. I was sent to try their Intensive Eye Gel, Vitamin C serum, and Retinol Moisturizer from the company. This post will cover the Intensive Eye Gel. 

Skin Journey

Tuesday, February 10, 2015
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Hello Dotted Bow readers! 
Hope everyone had a great January! I am actually really excited about todays post. Also, this month is going to be a skincare review month! I will have 4 posts this month covering everything from  my must have treatments to more in depth reviews. Skin care is a topic that I feel I can talk  honestly, comfortably and in depth about. Of course, I am not a skin care specialist or dermatologist of any sort. However, I am a 22 year old beauty junkie that has tried her fair share of skin care products. You name it from the high end very expensive products to more affordable drugstore brands. I even at one point went the natural route (which deserves a post of its own). The point I am trying to make is that achieving healthy clear skin is a marathon and not a race,which has been the case for me. This past year, I went through many different skincare changes that impacted me emotionally and physically.  At times, the reality of it is that your skin is a tell all to your health. Six months ago, when my skin freaked out and had cystic acnes, oily t-zone, and dry patches and I mean it got seriously  BAD! I tried everything from professional facials, at home facials, natural route, and I raided the Sephora shelves for products that claimed miracle ingredients for the skin. Of course, nothing really worked. Now looking back, I can firmly say that my skin mirrored my life at that time. I was at senior in Undergrad, I was involved in extracaricular  activities, studying for the Law school admission test, preparing my law school applications, unbalanced diet, and lack of physical activity all played a role in the condition of my skin. Happily, I can say that my skin is at its very best it has ever looked. For this reason, it is a topic that I feel I can share my journey and the changes I have made to improve and maintain the condition of my skin. I feel it is important to mention that regardless of what a brand or product claims to turn your skin into, it first begins with your everyday life habits such as diet, hygiene, and exercise. Take a moment out of your day and evaluate those three factors. Are you eating healthy? Are you eating enough? Are you removing your makeup before bed and cleaning your face? Are you cleaning your bed sheets at least once a week? What is your daily physical activity level? I think these are all questions one should ask themselves. I am a firm believer that there is always room and time to improve ones over all bad habits into positive ones.

First, exercise! Okay, I know that this is a topic that seems like a no brainer but to the contrary, it might not be for others. I feel like I am my best emotionally and physically when I am on a strict exercise routine. I mention "strict" because it is important to discipline yourself to enjoy and be aware of the incredible benefits of physical activity. Again, I know that everyone is different in terms of types of exercise, how many times a week they exercise, and whether they love it or not. Some people, hate the thought of exercising. Point I am trying to make is find what your comfortable with. For me, it is running. I am your ride or die running cheer leader. I am the biggest believer that running is the best form of cardio because you are moving your whole entire body and it is for free. I can truly talk all day about how amazing running is and it is a topic that I am very passionate about. So find your passion when it comes to exercise whether that is yoga, cycling, walking, or running. I promise it will be hard at the beginning but stick to it. Treat exercise as a mental break from your busy day and soon you will start looking forward to it.

Two, diet! Personally, I find this topic to work in conjunction with the first point. When I am on a good exercise routine I tend to gravitate to healthier eating choices. I actually put this to the test and although this might not apply to everyone, it is a something worth mentioning. Last month, I set some unachievable running goals. Surprisingly, they were actually achievable. My goal was to run 30 miles a week and I was able to run 35 miles a week. I surprised myself and when  you can do that, than you are doing something right. I am not particularly goal orientated but there is something incredibly profound about challenging your body in a positive way to reach goals that a year ago, the prospect of it would otherwise seem impossible to reach. One Saturday morning, the weather was great and for some odd reason I wanted to run outside. Oh and I forgot to mention I always run on the treadmill. Actually, I have never ran outside since my middle school days. Yup, that long ago so now you know why I said "odd". I dressed appropriately for the wether, put on a cardio spotify playlist and ran outside. I initially wanted to run around the neighborhood and lost in the beauty of running I found myself at Walmart which is about 5 miles away from where I was suppose to run. For the first time, I understood what people meant when they refer to the experience of running outside and how it cannot be replicated on a treadmill. My body was at its best so the run was enjoyable and when I look back, I am proud and it is beyond rewarding to push yourself and see the results in ones health, physical appearance, and emotional state. Since I was pushing myself, I had to eat healthier in order to regain my energy for the next run and I had to make sure I was eating the right food. Trust me, a good exercise routine will equal to a better diet by default.

Although this post was all over the place, I wanted to share two aspects in my life that has significantly changed the way my skin feels and looks. I feel healthy and of course, I am not perfect. I indulge far more than you can imagine. However, I am aware and I make sure that these indulgence of sweets or salty snacks do not become part of my overall diet.

Please let me know your thoughts on this post and your tips and any changes you have made in living a more healthier and happier lifestyle.

As always, thank you very much for reading!

xo A